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Show Your Metals in the Kim Kardashian Style

Kim Kardashian knows how to take the trends of the moment and combine them with her sensual curves, an equation that always works for her and ends up stealing glances wherever she goes. This time we put the magnifying glass on the outfit that she wore on the Fashion Group International red carpet. There we saw her with one of the trends of the moment: metallics.

The businesswoman stood out thanks to her totally silver set signed by Rick Owens, tight to the body and with holographic details. If this dress has captivated you, calm down! Here are some clothes to recreate her fabulous outfit:

In two pieces

If the idea of ​​wearing a total metallic skirt and top look like Kim to simplify your life in a very chic way, then the Sequin metallic wrapover that you can find at Asos is what you are looking for. They have a tube style skirt with an asymmetric opening in the front is a sensual and fun touch to give dynamism to the outfit, and its halter neck top is perfect to highlight your shoulders.

With halter neckline

One of the areas of the body that Kim likes to show the most is her shoulders, which is why the one shoulder is the main cut in her top. However, the halter style is also very flattering and just as sexy and sophisticated for those who love to highlight this area.

Pencil skirt

If you want to complete Kim's look, and match with something slim and equally metallic, the Wide Waist Metallic Bodycon Skirt from Shein ($ 8.00) is the piece you were looking to complement. You can use it following the example of this fashionista businesswoman, or give it the neutral touch with solid colored garments if you want to create even more striking contrasts.


Midi dress

One of the iconic pieces of Kim are the dresses with straps, fitted to the body and of midi cut. This garment has all these details and is also metallic! The Missguided Blue metallic strappy cami midi dress ($ 42.00) has blue duochromatic sparkles, perfect for evening wear.

Maxi dress

How about we bring this trend to a special occasion? This Lilac metallic strappy maxi dress from Pretty little thing ($ 40.00) is made to look metallic even in the most elegant moments. You can combine it with stilettos or bracelet sandals. Keep accessories to a minimum, as the protagonist will undoubtedly be the dress

Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are romanticism turned modern, and this fashion trend could not escape its charm. The Pleated metallic skirt from Zara ($ 49.90) will be the key to mixing femininity and metallic trend in one piece. Its versatility will allow you to wear it with a t-shirt and sports shoes or combine it with a lace top, a blazer and heels. With a garment like this you just need to be inspired.

Shiny pants

One of the most practical and inevitable ways to wear this trend is in pants - in fact, there are many celebrities who already do it. These Metallic Bershka sweatpants ($ 35.90) ​​can be the ideal option to include this fashion trend in your routine and in your street style. Its Haren style and high cut are the most trendy combination that will highlight your figure and will also go very well with ankle boots, sneackers or heels.

If you love t-shirts

A t-shirt is the starting point for many to create your daily outfits, and even more so when it is a piece that breaks schemes and joins a trend of the moment to steal the prominence of the outfit. This H&M Jersey T-shirt (17.99) has dark blue accents that blend nicely with the bright hue. Practice as much as possible, wear it with blazers and jeans or elevate it with a leather skirt. You choose the moment!

Metallic that shelters

Metallics will literally light up your day with options like these. Try Mango's Metallic Puffer Jacket ($ 129.99) warm and super fashionable to complement your outfits and make it the protagonist every time you go out to face the cold temperatures.

Kim Kardashian with satin jumpsuit in black

Kim Kardashian is clear: it is always safe to bet on a monochrome loo k. And, why not give all the prominence to a single color if with it you can achieve the desired effect? For her it is not only just white or just black, the most classic and perhaps the easiest to wear.

The most daring animal prints, like the one in the autumn-winter 1991 collection of the Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaïa, and the neons are equally important in their hottest bets, a saturation so powerful that it could never go unnoticed, like nothing else. that she chooses.

In these seasons, he has shown that dressing in the same color from head to toe - or in similar shades - is viable at any time of year, much more if the play of textures and overlays is present. If you don't believe us, take a look at some of their picks.

The monochrome jumpsuit trick

The member of the reality clan bets on a jumpsuit, one of the most functional garments that can be had in the closet, which is not only dyed in the darkest color of the palette; has a brightness suitable for all flashes. The best company? Almost transparent footwear.

Kim Kardashian with halter top, leather pants and sandals Leather, metallic and black

A single piece may be the solution for her, although better if she plays with textures as when she paired leather pants with a metal mesh halter neck top from Church and the Wedge Thong Sandals Season 8 from Yeezy.

Satin in soft gold

Gold is one of the strongest toned predictions on the fall-winter runways, and she has already added it in its softest hue in a silk outfit consisting of a unisex shirt and straight-leg pants from Reuben Avenue.

An asymmetric fluorine

Kim proved that the best way to stand out is to go outside the box with an outfit comprised of an Atsuko Kudo skirt, Rick Owens semitransparent top, Jacquemus Le Sac Chiquito Clutch, and Season 6 snake-finish and pvc mules. by Yeezy.

In bright orange

In the height of summer, she opted for this skirt look by Maisie Wilen, an emerging brand from the Los Angeles-based designer whose designs have also been worn by Kendall Jenner, a round neck top, Yeezy's Thong Wedge Sandals and Le Sac Chiquito Matching Jacquemus clutch.

Comfortable and violet

When it comes to comfort, the businesswoman and influencer also favors loose fitting and flexible garments. The proof? This laid-back outfit consists of an oversized sweater, metallic-finish leggings and gray slides from Yeezy's Season 6.

Vintage love … In gray

It's no secret that Kim loves vintage outfits. This one, revealing his toned torso, is from Rick Owen's spring 2003 collection, a monochrome look endorsed, in white, by his friend La La Anthony.

Pink a la Power Ranger

"Pink Power Ranger Kimberly" was the title she gave to this photo that she posted on social networks and that showed her dressed in a tight pink jumpsuit with straps to which she raised the level with high boots that covered her thighs.

White only for the summer? Absolutely not

A white look can be a cool option for summer, but Kim can also make it perfectly effective for fall days. It was, in fact, at the end of last year, when he was already emphasizing his taste for monochromatic, that he combined three pieces in similar colors.

Isn't the total look the best way to minimize risks, even if the choice takes into account neutral or more lively colors and with greater visual impact? Kim of course knows it and does not stop teaching us the best way to achieve it. Do you dare too?


Cardi B with Thierry Mugler design
Latex dresses. Sculptural forms. Sensual openings. So far in 2019, two celebrities have decided to pay tribute to French designer Thierry Mugler, known as one of the most influential in the fashion world for his daring creations and for serving as the artistic director of many performances.

Kim Kardashian has sported cut-outs and animal print models; Cardi B has struck with other more theatrical ones such as the unforgettable design with which she walked the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, which at the time was worn by the model Simonetta Gianfelici, and which is composed of black velvet on the outside and pink satin on the inside. while the pearls are reproduced on hips, neck and hairstyle.

The birth of Venus

Sandro Boticelli's painting that reflects Venus emerging from a seashell may be the most powerful inspiration for the creation that was part of the 1995 Haute Couture collection with the matching sequin bodysuit that the singer wore when she became the first woman to win the Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Cardi B with Thierry Mugler dress Les Insectes

Cardi B wore three Thierry models, a feat that owes much to the work of her stylist Kollin Carter who confessed to WWD that it took months to get to the fashion house's archives. His other bet was the dress with which he collected the award, part of the 1997 sewing collection called Les Insectes.

Bodysuit and feathers

It was the second time in two and a half decades that the fashion house had opened its archives to dress a star. At her musical performance, the singer wore a tiger print bodysuit and a removable large crinoline skirt made of peacock feathers and organza that originally covered a purple satin coat from the fall 1995 collection.

Snake print

We know that Kim is not afraid of risks and that many clothes she selects are, for many, impossible to wear. It happened with the vintage model of snake print, long sleeves and high neck that Thierry presented in 1983 as part of the Marie Python collection and that she wore last February.

Halter and many cut-outs

When he accompanied his stylist Chris Appleton to the Hollywood Beauty Awards, he did so with a daring design from the house that belongs to the spring summer 1998 Haute Couture collection, with a halter neckline, an opening in one of his legs and large cut-outs that they left a good part of the torso uncovered.

Kim Kardashian con vestido de Thierry Mugler

Direct from the Les Meduses collection

At the opening of the Thierry Mugler: Couturissime exhibition at the Musée des beaux-arts in Montréal, Kim wore a creation from the Les Meduses haute couture collection that was released in the fall of 1999. It is a blush pink dress that leaves one of the shoulders bare and a blouse in gold tones.

A sculptural minidress

At the same event, the celebrity and businesswoman paid another tribute to the French couturier with a white minidress from the Longchamps collection from 1994 in which the silhouette with ridges strongly marked the waist, a creation that she combined with two bracelets, one on her bicep. and the other on your wrist.

Since March 2, the pieces from the Manfred collections, the first name that the designer began to use after retiring from the world of fashion, are on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montréal and from there they will go to a tour of various cities around the world starting in the fall. For now, we will only wait if Kim and Cardi B - or any other celeb - continue to exhibit the most iconic models of the French.


For a few days the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been going through one of the most complicated media moments. Especially after the singer made public some details of his life as a couple and revealed that for a couple of years he wanted to divorce, in addition to shocking everyone by saying at his first political rally that he came to think about preventing his birth firstborn North.

The television star traveled to her home in Wyoming to chat with her husband, but was only seen back in Los Angeles without him. And it is that the reunion between the couple had endless emotions, as could be seen during one of their conversations in the car, where Kim did not hold back the tears.

Kim Kardashian y Kanye West

Kim was seen on Tuesday morning when she got off her private jet. Wearing comfortable clothes and covering her face, the businesswoman got into a truck to conclude her trip to Cody, Wyoming

Kris Jenner's daughter seems to have returned home not only to continue with her work schedule, but to protect her four children - North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm - from the media frenzy starring her parents. “They are keeping children on the sidelines and are isolating them from all of this. And everyone else has decided to create an atmosphere of normality around him. They do not need to see such a public collapse, "said an insider to the Daily Mail.

Kim's older sister, Kourtney Kardashian, was just seen with the West children on Balboa Island, where they spent time with their cousins. In this way, the children's uncles make sure they are as calm as possible while their parents sort out the differences.

The site also reported that Kim will have patience until her husband is better, one of the reasons Kanye would stay in Cody. In addition, there the singer feels calmer and is in the process of finishing his new album that should have been released last Friday. "She would never make Kanye stop seeing their children, but both parents want the children not to be affected by what is happening," said the relative.

Justin Bieber, key piece in the reunion between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye West's first political rally gave a lot to talk about for his statements and the tears he shed when remembering certain aspects of his past. Friends, family and fans immediately expressed concern for him, including Justin Bieber, who traveled with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, to Cody to chat with the rapper.

"Justin told Kanye that he needed to talk to Kim and Kanye finally texted Kim and they talked on the phone," People posted about the encounter the Yummy interpreter had last Tuesday with Kanye in Cody.